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The Main Types of Neck Pain: A Simple Guide

Neck pain might feel like a persistent, dull ache or like a sharp stab.

No matter how it feels, neck pain isn’t enjoyable for anyone, and many people have been affected by chronic neck pain. Imagine feeling those sensations for the rest of your life!

If you’re curious about the topic or have started feeling the pain yourself recently, it’s important to know the different types of neck pain. Luckily for you, we’re here with some important information.

Below is a guide on the types of neck pain. Make sure to keep reading to better keep an eye out for your physical health.

Radicular Pain

One of the most painful types of neck pain is radicular pain. This type of pain is often caused by the inflammation of a nerve root.

When experiencing radicular pain, one of the worst neck pain symptoms one might experience is the sensation of being shocked by electricity. The pain might become worse depending on a person’s posture or movement.

If you’re dealing with radicular pain, seek corrective care immediately.

Myelopathic Pain

In some cases, a person’s spinal cord in their neck might become compressed. This results in myelopathic pain.

This type of pain is tricky to diagnose because the effects are often felt in the feet and/or legs. If you believe you’re struggling with myelopathic pain, advocate for yourself during neck pain treatment to receive an accurate diagnosis.

Referred Pain

Are you experiencing pain outside of the neck that’s not being caused by a nerve root? You’re experiencing referred neck pain.

This pain is most easily recognized by cramp-like sensations and deep aches. It’s one of the most irritating types of chronic neck pain and can often leave people feeling hopeless.

Axial Neck Pain

The most common type of neck pain is axial neck pain. You may also hear it referred to as mechanical pain.

This type of pain is highly focused on a specific region of the neck, and the pain does not move locations or radiate. Having poor posture or making certain physical movements can cause this type of pain to become worse.

Make sure to always protect your neck during physical activities, and always set aside time in the day to stretch your neck and back. Use proper posture whenever sitting and standing.

Understanding Common Types of Neck Pain

Have you been experiencing a dull ache in your neck? Or something that feels like a deep stab? Gain a better understanding of the types of neck pain with the above guide.

It’s important to care for your neck and back throughout each day to help prevent neck pain. If something is bothering you, speak to a specialist. They’ll be able to establish a corrective care routine to bring you relief.

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