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The Quality Domestic Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is referred to as a hoover or vacuum. It operates by suction power which takes dirt from surfaces such as drapers, floors, carpets, sofas, beds, cars, and upholstery; by a cyclone or dust bag to dispose of later. This article describes some of the main features of a quality vacuum cleaner.


Like most machines, vacuum cleaners are made to serve specific end-user requirements. Such requirements will determine the efficiency of the machine depending on an individual’s taste and needs. The bottom line is its cost-effectiveness.

Vacuum cleaners come in various models, sizes, and designs which may be large industrial types or small and portable. These machines have made cleaning easier in households, private, public, and corporate places. This article will however dwell on domestic vacuum cleaners.

Determinants of Quality.

Engine Power

The power needs of a vacuum cleaner depend on usage. Such power is measured in terms of energy watts. A regular household vacuum cleaner will need energy in the range of 500 and 3000watts, with an average of 1400watts. Such power may be electrical via electric motors or petrol powered

While electricity is a popular source of power, it is used close to the target, and away from remote areas which may not have such a power supply. In such cases, alternative sources make an alternative. Likewise, solar energy can only make a good choice in sunny tropical areas or during summer weatherin an adequate supply of sunshine.


Durability is an important feature for efficiency in that the machine is self-preserving. This will depend on the material used in building the machine as well as care in usage. The longer the machine takes before breaking down, the lower the long-term operational costs in that fewer expenses are incurred on repairs and maintenance. It also contributes to the convenience and comfort of using it.

Performance History

Any reasonable person desires to make an informed decision, which in this case it is to buy or not buy. The available information on the market concerning the desired vacuum cleaner will influence his decision positively or negatively.

A vacuum cleaner that has existed in the market over a reasonable period, and has made good history is more preferable, though it may attract higher vacuum cleaner price in Kenya. This is as a result of it having a higher demand as people prefer known characteristics in making their final choices in terms of efficiency in delivering the required task demands.


Generally, except in large, static industrial machines, domestic vacuum cleaners should be designed to move around; inside buildings from room to room, as well as outdoor. The ability to maneuver around, and under household items, buildings, and other corners is key in the course of its work.

Depending on the intended use, which will determine the size, portability ranges from handles on small vacuums to wheeled carriages for the average sizes.


The price of vacuum cleaners in Kenya depends on several factors related to their demand and cost. The demand for these machines will depend on the available information related to end-user needs as well as cost. Consequently, these prices will be related to user satisfaction and affordability as well as maintenance costs.

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