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Things to consider when buying Nike Air Jordan

There is no denying that Nike shoes have ruled the shoe market for many years. Nike is the most preferred shoe brand by many sports enthusiasts. The brand came up with one of the most retro sneakers in the world- Nike Air Jordan. These shoes are also recognised by names like Jays, Jordans, Jumpers and Birds. The Air Jordans were released in 1984, and since then, every youngster has been crazy about these sneakers because these shoes are so unique and comfortable compared to the other brands’ shoes in the same category.

When buying sports shoes, people look for increased convenience and support while a lowered risk of injury. Isn’t it? This is what Air Jordan provides you! Nike Jordans are a fantastic example of fashion-forward sneakers which are both comfortable and functional. If you are thinking of buying air jordans but don’t know where to start, here are a few things you need to decide before you make your selection; continue reading!

Do you need a high slit or a low slit?

Air Jordans are available in many different styles, including high, mid and low cut styles, so depending on your preference, you choose any. The low cuts are more basic and lightweight than any of their predecessor’s models and are best suited for less strenuous activities like short treks and trails.

The mid-cut style shoes come with a higher collar that keeps dirt and stones out of your steps. Plus, they often have a metal lacing hook to keep your laces tightened and in place. These shoes are effortless to dress as they complement almost everything from slacks to shorts.

The laces of high-top shoes go over the ankle bones and provide a higher level of ankle support. If you regularly get involved in activities like running, walking, sports, or other physical activities, the high-cut style would be the best choice for you as it provides the desired support in the event of sprains.

Hence, before browsing the Air Jordan collection, determine which kind of support you want from your shoes.

What is your size?

Whether you buy Air Jordan or any other pair of shoes, knowing your exact size is necessary when purchasing online. This is because, in an offline store, you still have an option to try a few different sizes and find out which one best suits you. But when buying online, you need to know your appropriate foot size. Further, it is always advisable to buy a half-size bigger Jordans than your usual size because they are narrower in the front and may make your toes uncomfortable. However, don’t leave shoe space in the front of your toes; add some foam to it. If buying from a brick-and-mortar store, you can wear the shoes and see if you can move comfortably. Remember, a well-fitted, comfortable pair of shoes should not slip around your heel and will have enough room for your toes.

What colour of shoes do you want?

Nike Air Jordan shoes are available in a wide variety of colour options. If you are a sneaker lover, you can get the colour schemes that match your taste and preferences. The standard colour schemes available are new colourway and OG. The initial colourway of Jordan’s shoe is known as the OG colourway. For example, the original colour of Jordan 4 is white cement, whereas for Jordan 1, it is red and black. Similarly, the new colourway has a new colour scheme. Although the original colour scheme is popular, if you want to try something different, Air Jordan’s collection will not disappoint you.

That was it! Probably now you are all set to find the best pair of shoes for yourself.

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