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Things to Consider While Interior Designing Your Foyer Area

A home is a place where you can finally rest after a long and rough day. Who does not want to relax when you are well aware that you can look around and feel safe and warm inside the house that you have designed with your own creative ideas?

The interior designers in Bangalore are always a step ahead to help you figure out which designs to keep or which designs to decorate on which part of the house.

This blog discusses different ideas and plans that you can consider while designing the foyer area of the house as per the interior designers in Bangalore. Alfresco Blinds Co Sheer Curtains Melbourne

The Foyer places

Have you noticed that most houses have a place where you have to go through to connect the main gate to the living room? That is the foyer area.

It is basically the area that connects the part of the house used as a place of gathering and the outdoor gate to the private zones of the house. Therefore, places containing personal items of value such as jewelry or money will be separated from the social space of the house, the house is designed in a way that helps to distinguish the two important areas seamlessly.

The foyer area plays a very important role in the house and thus, it is necessary to keep it look stylish. Listed below are some of the most creative ideas which you can use while decorating your foyer area.

1. Use it both way

The most common use of the foyer area is to convert it into a seating zone where you can relax while wearing your shoes. If you’re hosting a party and everyone’s dressed to their best, this can be a space to make it happen without having to take one’s shoes off.

2. A walk through the memory lane

You can decorate the foyer area with some of the best old memories of you that you cherish. After a long and heavy day, this is the only thing that will refresh your mind after you open the gate.

3. Mirror designs

Many people decorate their foyer area by fitting big beautiful sheer curtains melbourne. It helps with making the place look more spacious and unique. There are a lot of options available for the mirror design that you can refer to for choosing the best idea.

4. More plants

The foyer area is generally left untouched. The easiest way to decorate a small space is by placing different flowering and non-flowering plants. You can also color some plant pots and make patterns on them. Place the pots filled with living or artificial plants.

5. Wooden jaali design

You must have seen the jaali design for a partition in the house. Many people use wooden pillars to separate the rooms. You can mix these two ideas and make a wooden jaali and place it as the background for your foyer place.


The Interior Designers In Trivandrum have always come up with new ideas to decorate the foyer place of the house. Each time we think of something new and unique from the rest of our houses, they are always the ones to give some affordable and elegant design.

The foyer area is the bridge between the private and public zone of our house and thus, deserves to be decorated in a creative and attractive way.

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