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Tips for Growing a Blackberry Plant

Blackberry plants have unique characteristics that need to be considered by growers if they want their plants to grow successfully. An experienced nursery learns how to grow and care for blackberry plants, so contact professional blackberry plant growers and sellers such as https://www.chrisbowers.co.uk/category/blackberries/ to share their tips with you! Keep reading to learn more about growing blackberries.

1. Choose the Right Variety

You’ll want to carefully select your variety. Chris Bowers and Sons are your blackberry nursery, so we offer the best selection of varieties in the area. This is a great place to start if you’re interested in growing a blackberry plant for the first time. When choosing which variety to purchase, you’ll want to consider your climate and soil type.

2. Proper Planting and Propagating

After you’ve selected the right variety, it’s time to plant your blackberry plant! Taking care of your blackberry plants when they’re just starting out is important. We recommend planting your blackberry in the spring or winter so it has enough time to acclimate to your local weather conditions.

3. Thinning before Harvesting

Blackberry plants don’t require many nutrients to grow, but they still require plenty of light and water. If your blackberry has thick roots and isn’t happy, try to cut back its roots without damaging the plant. Removing dead leaves that fall onto the soil is also important.

4. Watering and Feeding

At the beginning of the growing season, you’ll want to water your plants about once a week – more often if it’s hot out. If your blackberry plant is struggling, try reducing its water intake slightly. The leaves will turn brown if they get too much water. To help keep your plants strong, you may also need to fertilize them.

5. Harvesting Time

Harvest time can be a little tricky. You’ll want to cut the stems when the blackberries are still dark purple and firm. If you wait too long, your blackberry will be ripe but soft, so you won’t get as many seeds. With that in mind, keep in mind that if your blackberry is yellow instead of purple and firm, it may not ripen properly and could turn moldy or begin to spoil.

6. Blackberry Plant Care in Winter

Plant care starts well before harvest season. In the winter, you’ll need to protect your blackberry plant from freezing temperatures and snow and ice. If a hard freeze is expected, protect your blackberry with a blanket or tarp to help insulate it from icy precipitation. Using mulch will keep your blackberry plant warmer during cold months, which will help prevent any damage from freezing weather.

There are many things to consider when growing blackberries. Keeping your plants protected and safe from harm is important if you want your blackberry to grow successfully. If you have any questions about care or maintenance, contact the team at the website linked in the first paragraph of this article.

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