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Top 5 Benefits of a Residential Treatment Program for Drug Abuse

Drug addiction is a lifelong battle for many people who decide to deal with it independently. They often think they can quit cold turkey, deal with the withdrawal symptoms, and go clean without repercussions. However, this can lead to relapses and worsening mental and physical health.

A residential treatment program can help anyone struggling to fight their drug abuse and make better choices. It provides the tools necessary for making the changes last.

Here are five benefits a residential treatment center can offer.

1. Safe Place to Detox

Withdrawal symptoms are no joke. At best, you’re looking at a lack of energy, dizziness, and some nausea. You could develop a bad flu, vomiting, and sudden heart failure at worst.

Substance abuse treatment takes withdrawal symptoms into account by ensuring you’re never alone. You’ll have expert medical care ready and waiting at all times.

2. More Successful Detox

Trying to drug detox on your own will lead to mixed results most of the time. Some people have a lot of success quitting things like alcohol with the help of a support group. However, more addictive substances like heroin and opioids often require more long-term drug treatment.

A residential treatment program often runs for at least a month, in which you stay at a facility and are provided more comprehensive care.

3. Supportive Community

No one wants to face drug addiction alone, but it may be difficult for your friends and family to understand your struggle. Patients of an inpatient drug rehab program will have access to professional medical support to help them make progress.

You can also connect with other people going through a similar fight at the facility. They’re all there to gain lifelong sobriety and make better choices. It always helps to have other people to lean on and relate to.

4. Regain Structure

It’s difficult for a person to quit their addiction in a standard home setting where abusing that substance has become a habit. A residential treatment center keeps its patients busy to distract them from their substance of choice. Outside of therapy sessions, residents can do activities like swimming, reading, or meditating.

5. Daily Counseling

Residential treatment offers more than safe space to quit your drug of choice. These centers also provide daily counseling to help you figure out why you depend so much on that drug.

There are multiple stages to treatment that aren’t always available in an outpatient setting. In some cases, they may only have sessions three days per week. An inpatient program offers more substantial treatment.

A Residential Treatment Program Near You

There’s no shame in seeking help for a problem as serious as drug addiction. You can rely on a residential treatment program to give you the tools to kick your addiction and continue your recovery long after it ends. Check out your local centers for more information, and don’t be afraid to travel a little further for the best available program.

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