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Top 5 Liveliest Cities in the Deep South

America’s deep south is one of the most interesting portions of the country.  From the extraordinarily unique music, food, and culture, to the amazing people and experiences you can find here: there’s nothing else like it.

If you’re planning a road trip and want to have the time of your life: these are the three liveliest cities in the Deep South.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is unlike anywhere else on Earth.  If you want a city with culture and fun, you can’t find a better stop than The Big Easy.  As the birthplace of jazz, you might not be surprised that most bars and restaurants have live music at least once a week.  You’ll also see performers on street corners and endless concerts and performances being put on in the many venues the city hosts.  There’s always a party or celebration to be had here: so while you’re visiting, make sure you get the most out of it! 

Albany, Georgia

This unassuming city has been having an incredible revitalization in recent years.  As art, music, and culture burst to life in a once dying city; you’ll be amazed at how much creativity and fun you can have here.  The birthplace of Ray Charles, Albany, has fantastic live shows every weekend, sprawling parks to relax in, and gorgeous architecture from the turn of the century.  

This city will make you fall in love with it while still offering an affordable and fun place to cut loose. 

Nashville, Tennessee

The home of country music, and the Country Music Hall of Fame, this is a great place to enjoy a little honky tonk during your vacation.  Hosting some of the greatest country stars in its Grand Ole Opry for the last sixty years, it balances culture and history in a satisfying way that only the south can pull off.  Even if you want to learn about history, there’s a fun way to do it here!  The yearly ghost walks in the fall give you the chance to have a spooky tour of the city while learning about its interesting past. 

Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is home to countless fun things to do and see and makes sure that nobody leaves bored.  From the fantastic casino to the awesome Rickwood Field Park, you’ll be surprised time and time again while you’re here.  Whether you’re stopping in to look at Birmingham homes for sale or you’re stopping on a road trip, you won’t want to leave. 

Memphis, Tennessee

Sister city to Nashville, we couldn’t have one on this list without the other.  Memphis is home to the invention of blues and has a lot of soul in it.  You can enjoy the perfect balance of many new artists and the long history of musicians going back as far as the 1800s.  There’s no place to have fun quite like Memphis! 

The South Knows How to Have Fun!

The south understands hard work: so it has to be great at play as well!  If you’re eager to have a great time and the vacation of your dreams, consider making a stop in any of these incredible cities! 

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