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Top 5 reasons why vertical Blinds are great

Are you looking for a practical yet aesthetically pleasing solution to cover your windows? If so, nothing stands close to vertical blinds. Window blinds are undoubtedly the ultimate solution for all types of facilities, be it your home, office or commercial space. Vertical window blinds are a popular and versatile type of window coverings with a headrail and vertical slats/ louvres/ blades. While the headrail stretches along the length of the window, the louvres hang from it. These vertical slates can be twisted to close and obscure the window or opened wide to allow the sunlight to enter your space. These window blinds are considered the best and most versatile solution for controlling the light entering your room and providing you with the privacy you need.

The louvres or blades of these blinds are available in a wide range of fabrics, designs, and patterns that give you a plethora of options. Moreover, the louvres available today are specifically designed to help manage different problems in different areas of application. For example, glare reduction and dim-out fabric louvres options allow you to control the bright sunlight more effectively. On the other hand, there are moisture-resistant and wipe-able louvres for bathrooms and the kitchen.

Here’s a quick view of the features of vertical window blinds.

  • Variety of textures, fabrics, and colour
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • Wand control rotation
  • Choose from PVC, faux wood, or fabric
  • Remarkably fashionable and diverse
  • Numerous tasteful textures and colours

Continue reading if you are still unsure about getting vertical window blinds for your establishment. This article talks about the five reasons these window treatments can be an excellent solution for your space.

It offers an unprecedented degree of lighting control.

A set of window treatments that fail to control lighting levels in a room adequately is merely an aesthetic addition. Isn’t it? On the contrary, vertical window blinds provide users with an unprecedented degree of lighting control and are aesthetically pleasing. This is the reason window blinds make up the functional and most graceful solution for windows of all types of spaces.

Perfect for large windows

While other types of window treatments often become quite heavy to operate and manage for large windows, vertical window blinds look classy as they naturally compliment their shape. Not just this, these blinds make the room appear big and more spacious as well hence adding value to your interior space. This is why these window blinds are a common sight in most offices and living rooms today.

It makes your ceiling look higher.

Interior experts say that vertical lines in interior design give an impression of height in a room and vertical window blinds are no different. Instead of getting stripy wallpaper and risking vertigo along the way, utilizing vertical blinds is an excellent way to give your space a much-needed revamp. These are a perfect solution for patio doors and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Attractive and versatile window covering

That said, vertical window blinds are available in various materials, styles, textures, and finishes. These blinds provide a neat, classy, and tidy look to any room with their sleek and straight design. Many options are available to you, letting you find something that perfectly suits your home and office.

Easy to maintain

Often, people face issues in keeping their windows clean; however, that’s not the case with vertical blinds. These can be cleaned relatively quickly and with the least effort. If you choose the louvres or slates made of fabric, you can unhinge and wash them, or if they are made of wood, Venetian, or bamboo, you can wipe them with a damp cloth. It is as easy as it seems to be.

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