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Types and Uses of Excavators

Have you ever gotten involved in an activity that requires you to lift heavyweight soil, but you do not know how? Well, do not worry; what you are probably looking for is an excavator. Excavators are must-have machinery for any activity that requires digging and lifting soil and rock particles of heavyweights. In addition to crawler excavators, crawler crane hire is also a popular option when considering methods to move heavy materials from the job site.

They are most popular as earthmoving vehicles having major components like the rotating cab, bucket, hydraulic hammer, and movable tracks. Because of these components, excavators have extraordinary digging abilities and mobility, hence, the capability of this heavy equipment to perform various heavy duties.

This article will cover the top uses of various types of excavators that have been, for many decades, used by construction specialists such as IQIP to offer superior construction and installation duties.

The Wheeled Excavators

Despite being similar in appearance and size to crawlers, wheeled excavators often rum on wheels instead of tracks. They maneuver on concretes much faster and easier than excavators with tracks since their wheels are more movable than the tracks.

Their higher speed makes them preferred over other excavators in operations that involve movements on flat surfaces and asphalt.


  • They are used for urban projects and roadworks since their wheels provide less stability on irregular surfaces. Nevertheless, operators can improve their strength by adding outriggers, especially when transitioning between uneven surfaces and concrete or asphalt.

Crawler Excavators

Crawler excavators are unique and highly different from other excavators, as they run on endless tracks instead of wheels like other excavators. Crawler excavators are also slower than other excavators; however, they provide greater stability, balance, and overall flexibility.


  • Crawler excavators are used in heavy-duty construction jobs and mining
  • They are used for lifting soil and debris since they operate with strong hydraulic mechanisms
  • Used for grading hilly areas and landscaping of irregular terrains since their chain wheel systems allow them to scale and slide down hills with fewer risks easily

Dragline Excavators

It is one of the larger excavators and operates with a different process. Unlike other excavators, this equipment uses a hoist rope system attached to a bucket using a hoist coupler. The bucket’s opposite side is often affixed to a dragline. The dragline runs from the bucket to the cab.


  • They are used in large-scale civil engineering projects and assembled on-site before they are used because of their heavy weight. One of the engineering projects in which they are used is canal dreading.

Long Reach Excavators

This excavator features a longer boom and arm section than other excavators, just like the name suggests. Having this design allows the excavator to be used in locations that are more challenging to reach. Its extendable arm can reach up to more than 100 feet horizontally.


  • They are used in breaking down walls and crumbling structures during demolition projects.
  • They can also be used for cutting, shearing, and crushing, especially when necessary attachments are affixed.

Final Thoughts

Several types of excavators are commonly used for various projects. The most popular excavators include the Wheeled Excavators, Crawler Excavators, Dragline Excavators, and Long Reach Excavators. All are used in projects that comprise heavy duties, such as roadworks, civil engineering projects, and demolition projects.

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