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Video Marketing: 8 Video Editing Tips to Keep Viewers Engaged

With the widespread use of video today, the demand for video editing tools is also increasing. Video is becoming more popular, which is why creators need to create stories that appeal to readers by understanding how people think, remember, and learn. This can significantly impact the outcome of your digital marketing strategy. Companies find it more sensible to indulge in Video Marketing to meet the needs of their viewers.

But to be successful, it’s not enough to get the right shots and clips. You can prevent viewers from looking away by slightly tweaking or editing the video or vlog, but you can spend more time on the video and ultimately give your brand the ROI it needs.

Here we will discuss the editing techniques that can be applied to videos to attract attention and attract viewers. 

8 Video Editing Tips to Keep Your Viewers Interested

1. Attract your viewers

Social media has become a crowded place, and viewers have complete control over what they see online, so the faster brands can communicate and get their attention in the first few seconds, the better. Otherwise, the viewer scrolls to the next video.

Use movement to attract the attention of the viewer. Animated movements and eye-catching visuals that appeal to people and aesthetics allow viewers to stop scrolling and clicking on videos. An easy way to do this is to put the most interesting parts of the video first and stimulate the viewer’s curiosity.

When you create an ad, you can also open the ad with a title or CTA text that outlines what your viewers can expect from your video.

2. Use the best length of video

Marketers are always advised to keep the video short. However, optimal video length is influenced by several factors, including target audience, content delivery platform, viewer device, location, and value. When viewers are watching your video on their mobile phones during traffic jams, subways, or work breaks, they need something fast and short. 

  • When sharing videos on Instagram, do not exceed 60 seconds.
  • Facebook videos should be between 20-90 seconds and 4 hours for a story.
  • For Twitter, a 45-second video is ideal.

You can seek professional help from an editing professional providing all the information your viewers need to know. This is the best way for viewers to continue watching the video to the end.

3. Use a jump cut

Jump cuts are a great way to add charm to your videos, as they mimic the human brain and thus imitate human thoughts and conversations. Editing these milliseconds will help you get the point while taking your message home.

You can also use jump cuts to eliminate long video repetitions, remove unwanted pauses, and even get out of the topic. Jump cuts can be easily created using online video editing software. 

4. Add subtitles or captions 

If you want to create a video and spread it around the world, you need to add subtitles and captions to the video. In this way, you can reach a wide range of viewers across the globe. English is spoken around the world and can be used most commonly.

Subtitles make videos more accessible, improve the user’s total playtime, and help break down the language barrier. Also, do not limit the video to any particular location or location. Let everyone enjoy your video.

Create a video script and then add a timestamp. You can automatically upload the script to YouTube. This allows viewers and deaf and hard of hearing people watch videos while reading subtitles.

5. Focus on lighting effects and brightness

Cameras and the human eye react differently to light. The latter is more advanced and can capture finite details and light contrast, while the former requires more light to capture the details visible. Adding lighting effects to your video will give your eyes the same quality as they naturally see.

With the right video editor, you can customize your lighting solutions to suit your viewers’ needs and adapt them to your video scene. 

While editing the video with the editing tool, you can also adjust the brightness and contrast and highlight the video by using the LUT packs to make it attractive. You can change the lighting according to the mood of the video. Horror scenes can be completely dark, while you can use something soft for a happy video.

6. Employ the correct tone

The video should be able to entertain the viewer from start to finish. This means that you need to aim to impress your audience. This is facilitated by the tones you set. One way to meet your viewers expect to include visuals. Another option is to add background music and sound effects.

7. Highlight the storyline

Using storytelling is a great way to get more attention to your videos. It removes the boring parts of your video or prevents them from looking too promotional. You can use multiple storylines to succeed in storytelling.

You can share how you can make a comeback, your path to success, and how you’ve overcome the big challenges your business faced. Whatever it is, storytelling can make your video more interesting and realistic. To create compelling videos, it’s essential to tell a compelling story.

8. Use the rule of thirds 

The rule of thirds may not work all the time, but you can shift your focus from the viewer’s expectations to show the creativity of the video host. It shows how to balance the two, rather than offending one or the other. The camera is stationary and the subject starts to move, the subject is stationary, and the camera zooms out. The other is that the camera and the subject move together. 


Videos direct traffic to the platform and drive viewers to take action. In recent years, the use of video on multiple social media platforms has increased. And video marketing is what every brand and business uses.

If you want to see and hear your brand or business, you can use the video editing techniques above. These video editing tips are great and will help you edit your videos efficiently.

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