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Vograce Supplies Acrylic Standees Which Are Customized

Acrylic stands and wood standee are a great way to display items. They can be used to display items like clocks, keychains and touch screen controllers. With the right acrylic stand, you can make sure that your items stay safe and secure.

Clear acrylic stands

Whether you’re looking for a cool novelty or a cheesy gift for a nerd, you can’t go wrong with acrylic stand by Vograce. They’re not only fun to look at, but they’re also a lot cheaper than you might think. And, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from the slick to the sassy.

In fact, you can’t really be too picky about what you choose, as Vograce has everything from acrylic clock standees to LED light acrylic standees with remote control. Fortunately, they also provide custom options, such as a personalization service that’s sure to delight even the most discriminating taste.

With more than 200 employees and a smattering of professional equipment, Vograce isn’t short on quality or customer service. A quick glance at the online ordering form shows that the company is more than just a supplier. You can actually have your custom-made wares shipped to your door within as little as a week, or less. This equates to the best customer experience in town.

For instance, the company has a full line of anime peripheral products, including accessories and apparel. They also have one of the best prices in the business. Their lowest-priced item, a 15x15cm acrylic clock standee, costs just $10. That’s a bargain, especially considering they provide the best quality and a one-year warranty. If you’re still on the hunt for a cool novelty or a snazzy accessory, browse through the online catalog to find the right fit.

Clock standees

Acrylic clock standees are available in a variety of designs and colors. They are made from clear acrylic and come in different sizes.

These products are durable and affordable. They are perfect for anime fans and advertising campaigns.

Customize your own design. Vograce is a professional manufacturer of anime peripheral products, including stickers, keychains, acrylic clock stands, custom jewelry, and other novelty items. It offers fast and easy delivery. You can also enjoy a variety of discounts.

A customized clear acrylic standee has a character on one side and a background on the other. The custom clock face can be 15 x 15 cm.

Vograce also provides a range of LED light acrylic standees with remote control. These acrylic products are designed with high quality and are very durable.

Vograce uses a state-of-the-art production facility and is a trusted company. They use a professional UV printing process and are available in a wide variety of colors. Besides, they offer free samples and fast turnaround times.

Vograce has been in the industry for many years. They have over 200 employees and a factory with more than 100 production machines. This allows them to manufacture quickly and with high quality.

Vograce also accepts art and personal patterns. The process for producing these products includes the diamond cut process, which guarantees high transparency. Their product is odorless and scratch-resistant. With free shipping and free proofing, it is possible to get your acrylic clock stands in the shortest amount of time.

Vograce offers a variety of discount vouchers for the purchase of their products. If you want to use Vograce to decorate your business, you can get the best deals. Just let them know your requirements and you will get a personalized package.

Keychain stickers

Vograce supplies acrylic standees which are customized for your own needs. They are easy to shape and come in a variety of colors. You can have them in square, round or heart-shaped. Moreover, you can choose a picture of your choice to have it printed on the back.

Customized acrylic standees are very useful decorations for anime enthusiasts. Besides, they are very cheap and durable.

Vograce is an expert in the production of custom accessories. Its products are colorful, bright and durable. With its professional production equipments and professional staff, it guarantees high-quality products at competitive prices.

Vograce offers many different styles of customized accessories, such as custom key chains, custom necklaces, customized pendants, custom charms, and many more. These accessories can be used for personal and corporate purposes. The products are made from recyclable materials.

VOGRACE’s factory has over 200 professional employees. Its plant is 6,000 square meters. It has 100 production machines. This plant is located in Japan. Besides, Vograce also has a dedicated staff in 17 countries.

Customized acrylic keychains can be printed on both sides. They are durable, bright, and have a good texture. Moreover, they can be cleaned with alcohol.

VOGRACE is a professional manufacturer of accessories for anime enthusiasts. Whether you need custom jewelry, custom keys, or other promotional gifts, VOGRACE can meet your needs.

Vograce’s custom acrylic keychains are made in a professional factory. They are colorful and odorless. Moreover, they are produced in a fast and efficient way.

VOGRACE is a famous manufacturer of promotional gifts. It offers a variety of products, including acrylic keychains, custom key rings, custom necklaces, and more. Moreover, VOGRACE has many kinds of accessories, such as cell phone grips, mouse pads, light-up RGB mouse pads, and more.


If you want to show off your artwork, consider having a custom acrylic standee made for you. These little beauties come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can get something that’s large enough to display a full-page picture, or small enough to fit on a desk.

Vograce is a company that specializes in high-quality, low-cost products that are functional and stylish. It has a big plant in Japan that has over 200 employees. They make a lot of products, including stickers, acrylic charms, and daily necessities. Their export value is roughly $15 million a year.

Besides its customary acrylic standees, Vograce has other products and services to offer, including custom mouse pads, light up RGB mouse pads, and more. The company also boasts of offering a remote control with its LED light acrylic standees.

Vograce has been around for almost a year, and the company has already created its own line of customizable pins. With no minimum order requirement, Vograce is able to produce the best quality pins at the lowest possible prices. Unlike other custom pin companies, Vograce offers its customers a wide range of options.

Compared to other brands, Vograce is a reputable name in the industry. Not only is Vograce reliable and affordable, but it is also fast and efficient.

Another good thing about Vograce is that their products are odorless. Besides offering quality, inexpensive, and stylish products, the company also offers superior customer service. This makes them a popular choice when it comes to creating personalized items for businesses. So, if you are looking for a promotional item, consider a Vograce product. Whether you’re a small business owner, a large corporation, or a hobbyist, there is a Vograce product that’s perfect for you.

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