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What Is Lifestyle?

A person’s lifestyle is the set of their beliefs, behaviours, attitudes and interests. It is a defining characteristic of a person and is shaped early on. Alfred Adler introduced the term lifestyle in the 1929 book The Case of Miss R. He defined lifestyle as a person’s basic character established from early childhood. Currently, there are various definitions of lifestyle. However, the following are the most common types of lifestyle.
Intangible factors: Intangible factors, such as values, preferences, and outlooks, define lifestyle. These are closely related to demographic variables and are the subject of research. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines lifestyle as the quality of life of a person. It does not simply involve what’s trendy or what’s in vogue. It’s about how we feel, what we value, and what our lifestyle means to us.
Intangible: Using social media, we can see the influence of our choices and actions on our lifestyle. We can see how our choices affect our health, happiness, and relationships. A person’s lifestyle will reflect their interests and likes. A person’s personal preferences will reflect their lifestyle. They will make different decisions based on their values and interests. Having a diverse set of values and interests will reflect the personality of the person.
Affluence: Lifestyle is defined by a person’s income and family income. Depending on the area, it may include a surf culture, or it may be a quiet neighborhood. Even within the same city, location determines the kind of lifestyle that a person chooses. Likewise, the type of neighborhood one lives in has an impact on the kind of environment and activities they prefer. There are many factors that contribute to lifestyle.

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