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What Is Sports?

The term “sport” evokes various meanings, but at its core, it is a physical activity that involves competition with an opponent, using both skill and luck to achieve victory. The word also implies intense physical exertion and can involve different types of mental and physical activities. In addition, it involves following rules and the competitive spirit that is often a part of the activity. Typically, it involves a game that requires a team of players, and is usually played by two or more people.
A sport is a competitive physical activity between two or more participants. Whether a game is for entertainment or competition, its goals are the same: to improve physical skills and improve overall health. While there are hundreds of sports, some involve two or more contestants. These games are played for both the pleasure and satisfaction of the players and spectators. Athletes also engage in cheating to increase their blood volume through artificial means. Some of these behaviors have been associated with the use of performance-enhancing drugs, but these do not necessarily constitute match-fixing.
Ancient Egypt’s monuments indicate that there was a wide variety of sports, including wrestling and javelin throwing. Ancient Persians also participated in sports, such as Zoorkhaneh, a martial art. In ancient China, gymnastics was a common activity and artifacts suggest that the sport was widespread. A number of ancient Egyptians were also involved in jousting and a number of ancient games. In contrast, the earliest known games of today were a combination of physical and mental activities, and they were played by men and women.

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