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What To Write In Baby Thank You Cards

Becoming a parent is an exciting life experience that you will want to share with your family and friends. Sending out baby thank you cards, once you welcome your little one into the world, is a great way to announce the arrival, and to show gratitude for love and support.

Introduce Baby To Everyone

Every parent has a list of VIPs to call, just as soon as baby takes his or her first breath. Your relatives and close friends will obviously want to know your good news as soon as it happens. You may however also have other people that you want to introduce your baby to, like distant relatives, neighbours and work colleagues.

Sending out beautiful baby thank you cards is the easiest and most convenient way to let them know that your newborn has finally arrived. Once baby is here, they will command all of your attention, so you’ll have limited time to call or texts friends to share your baby news and magical milestone moment.

Write a short and sweet message announcing the birth of your infant inside your cards, and include a cute and adorable photo. You can also personalise your message by adding a comment on behalf of baby, inviting the recipient to come and enjoy cuddles at a later date. Your friends and family will understand that your life as a parent is now your new priority.

Say Thank You For Baby Gifts

Whether your baby is still on the way, or has already arrived, it’s a thoughtful and kind idea to send thank you cards to family and friends that have showered you with baby gifts.

After being the guest of honour at a baby shower, it’s polite to send baby thank you cards to everyone in attendance who bought you a gift. You can also use the baby cards to write a message of thanks to family members and friends who have gifted you in other ways, like organising your baby shower, decorating the venue and providing all the food.

Of course, you’ll want to send thank you cards to everyone that has shopped for your little one. While a baby shower traditionally honours mum, it’s your unborn baby that receives the bounty of presents. Don’t be surprised if some people gift you a present at the baby shower, and buy you another gift once baby finally arrives! Show your love and gratitude by remembering to say ‘thank you’ with a luxury personalised baby card that is handwritten.

If you’ve received a lovely letterbox gift of a cute outfit or a super soft and cosy blanket to welcome baby, promptly put pen to paper and send out a baby thank you card in return. Doing this as soon as you receive the gift means that you’re less likely to forget to thank someone who has generously mailed you a gift.

Give Thanks For Mum Gifts Too

Although baby is likely to receive a big pile of presents, some people may present you with a lovely self-care package that is specially designed for mums. If you’re lucky to receive a gorgeous treat box of pampering spa products that you can use while enjoying precious me-time moments, once baby is fast asleep, don’t forget to say ‘thank you’.

Practical gifts, like a hamper that is filled with essential newborn baby supplies, or homemade meals that you can reheat and eat when you have little time to cook, will make any mum feel grateful that she has such thoughtful and caring friends. Even if you have already verbally thanked the gift given, it’s a nice touch to also send them a physical token of your gratitude and appreciation, in the form of a baby card.

How To Word Your Baby Thank You Cards

When you’re writing out your baby thank you cards, there’s no need to go into a great deal of detail. After all, you’re now a ultra busy parent with a demanding top priority. It’s perfectly acceptable to write a short and sweet message that is to the point.

In your best handwriting, write a sentence or two thanking the gift giver for their excellent choice of present. Mention the lovely gift that you and baby have received, and how you plan to use it/or how you’re looking forward to baby enjoying the gift.

A good and concise thank you wording example is:

“We are so thankful for your gorgeous gift, and for all of the best wishes and love you have sent us. Lily will adore cuddling up to her new beautiful teddy bear when she is a little older. Thank you so much for your unconditional love and on-going support. We can’t wait to introduce you to the latest addition to our family. With all our love… (add your names).”

Before signing off, you can invite the VIP to come and visit your family at a pre-arranged time that is organised at a later date.

If you have received the generous gift of money, you can mention what you’re planning to spend the cash on.

“On behalf of baby Dylan, I would like to say a big thank you for your generous gift. It will be spent on the very best baby car seat so that we can pay you a visit, and you can enjoy plenty of bonding cuddles together. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives. Love, Elaine and Dylan.”

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