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When to Know Your Heater Requires Servicing?

Some Australian homes rely on a heating system, regardless of the type of gas furnace or heat pumps used. It helps keep your home atmosphere safe and comfortable during the harsh winters.

If you have a heater that works on gas, you have probably heard squeaky sounds, condensation and higher power bills. All of these indicate that you need a good gas heater service. At the same time, your heater might need constant readjusting, which also suggests that it needs some servicing.

To paint a better picture for you, here are the reasons to get your heater serviced in Australia.

#1. Abnormal Sounds

Your gas heater will cause minimal sound if it is in working condition. However, if the system produces squeaky and rackety noises, it should cause concern.

Abnormal noises call for some professional inspection. Various services in Australia will help you investigate the root cause and find a solution. So, be mindful of the weird noises your heating system makes when turned on.

It can come from various sources, like broken components or material build-up. The noise changes should be an alarming factor that could lead to severe issues if left untreated.

#2. Excessive Window Condensation

It would help if you looked for a gas heater service when your heater could not regulate your home moisture levels. Heaters can control the moisture levels in various Australian homes but not drastically change them.

The heater requires servicing if you see a dramatic condensation of moisture on the window.

The high condensation levels translate to underlying damage to the gas heater. Hence, you should contact a professional technician to investigate such fundamental problems. Any condensation on the glass of a room with gas heaters ensures that you require a consult.

So, you need to reach out for help before it becomes a grave issue.

#3. High Energy Bills

An adequate heating system in Australia will not require constant temperature changes. Multiple adjustments only increase your energy bills and make the atmosphere unstable.

Similarly, it is likely to become less effective if your heater is old. In turn, you might fiddle with the settings every few minutes. These changes strain your electrical system, and reaching a comfortable temperature will cost you more.

The efficiency decrease automatically makes the machine work harder to produce heat. Hence, it will feed on more energy due to the constant adjustments that spike your bills.

Issues like constant cycling, poor air quality and temperature changes can be a sign of inefficiencies. Such issues can lead to a significant electricity bill.

All of these point to you needing a gas heater service or a system upgrade.

The Australian heater market is equally distributed between various heater types. Amongst them, gas heaters hold a 30% share. Hence, it is highly likely that your home has gas heaters.

After a few years of usage during the winter, such heaters require maintenance. You will understand that it requires a gas heater service when it makes weird noises. If you fail to service it, the heater will become inefficient and skyrocket your energy bills.

You will understand that it requires maintenance when constantly adjusting the settings. Or the gas heater will have excessive condensation on your windows.

Do you see these signs in your gas heater? Then, it is time for you to contact the professionals.

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