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When to See a Dentist for Jaw Pain

Did you know that 10 million people in the US have jaw pain?

Jaw pain is never a good sign, and it’s probably time you got in to see the dentist as soon as possible. While it may or may not be time for jaw surgery, it’s time to make an appointment and find out what’s going on.

A professional look at the problem is the best way to determine what’s happening and how to proceed. Keep reading below to learn more about the signs of jaw pain and when you need to see a dentist to get things checked out.


TMJ is a complex joint, and treating it requires specialized training. If TMJ causes pain, it is essential to see a specialist. An experienced TMJ specialist will be able to provide you with the most effective treatment plan to alleviate your pain.


One possibility is bruxism, which is when you grind or clench your teeth. This can happen during the day or at night, and it can lead to pain in the jaw as well as headaches and earaches.

If you are experiencing jaw pain, you should see a dentist to rule out any potential dental causes. It is especially true if the pain is caused by bruxism or clenching and grinding of the teeth. Bruxism can lead to tooth damage, TMJ disorders, and other problems.

A dentist can help diagnose the cause of your jaw pain and recommend the best jaw pain treatments. If you are considering dental care, you may take a look at the guide to Maxillofacial Surgery.

Impacted Tooth

An impacted tooth is a tooth stuck in the jaw and unable to come out on its own. It can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

A dentist can examine the tooth and determine if it needs to be removed. If so, they will be able to do so quickly and painlessly.

Gum Disease

Jaw pain can be a symptom of gum disease, which is a serious infection of the gums and bones that support the teeth. Gum disease is caused by plaque. Plaque leads to inflammation of the gums, which can eventually damage the bones and connective tissue that support the teeth.

Gum disease is a progressive disease, so it is important to see a dentist as soon as you notice any symptoms so that they can be treated before it gets worse.


It is essential to see a dentist for jaw pain caused by an injury as soon as possible. The pain can signify a more serious problem, such as a fractured jaw.

A dentist can determine the cause of the pain and provide the proper treatment. If the pain is severe, it may require surgery.

Understanding Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be a sign of many different dental and medical conditions. If you are experiencing jaw pain, it is best to see a dentist to determine the cause and get appropriate treatment.

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