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Why Paystub Generators are an Innovation Worth Using

Good payroll software makes a difference, and payroll processing can be a complex field with a lot of factors to consider. Even the best financial experts can struggle to make paystubs accurately sometimes, and being able to generate a pay stub accurately is always going to be useful.

But why should you use a paystub maker to create a paystub rather than doing it manually? It might not seem necessary at first, but this kind of payroll processing software can be a major boon to even the most tight-knit and optimized of businesses.

Ease of Use

Most paystub maker programs are partially automated, meaning that they do a lot of the hard work themselves. This can make them a core part of many startups’ initial app lineups since they can provide useful benefits without being overly complicated or hard to learn.

The core advantage of this is that it takes less time to train employees, but it also means that the payroll system becomes a lot easier to cover if an accountant or finance expert is off sick. An easy-to-use paystub generator will let any decently-competent employee produce paystubs fairly quickly.


Pay stub generator tools have another core advantage, and that is speed. These tools allow you to do something complex a lot faster, which saves plenty of time and allows employees to focus on other responsibilities more often. It also leads to fewer situations where paystubs and payslips are given out behind schedule.

No matter which payroll processing tool you use, it never hurts to have a way to generate a pay stub in a much faster timeframe. This is especially true once your business starts growing since you might have twice as many employees to pay and only half the time to spare on getting that work done.


Most paystub generators boast extra features that can make them worthwhile, such as preset formats for added consistently or extra ways to export the finished payslips and paystubs. These tools are great for companies that need to make paystubs, but that is not always all they can do.

Not only do some of these features make them a great option for multi-tasking, but they can actually provide easier ways to get your paystubs in the right format and location at the right time. Anything that makes your payroll processing efforts easier is a worthwhile investment, especially if you are still a relatively small business.


The payroll industry is full of innovation, but there is a lot of competition between tools. This also extends to the market for these tools themselves – if you are using a paystub tool, then you might be doing it to keep up with larger companies that have a good handle on their payroll system.

Companies rarely directly compete because of their payroll, but it is still a factor that needs to be considered. If a potential employee values being paid on time, then they might have a bias towards the company that has never missed a payment date – this is a niche case, but it can definitely happen.

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