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Why Should You Choose Menstrual Underwear?

Experiencing menstruation is no mean feat. You know how frustrating it can be when you are on your period. Even though no two experiences are the same and women vary in their perspective on periods, most women still negatively perceive the matter. The reason is that periods can be annoying, unpredictable, and painful. However, period panties would change how you view menstruation and the wonders it does.

Menstrual underwear is specially made to wear throughout your menstrual period to replace or supplement tampons and pads. Period underwear, unlike other period care, does not need to be changed as regularly. It can be worn even if you are experiencing light or heavy flows. These panties are manufactured with additional layers and special fabrics to soak menstruation blood and are designed to actually look and feel exactly like regular underwear.

They Are Inexpensive

Disposable period products are expensive. An article in Investopedia states how tampons, pads, and menstruation cups are classified as luxury products rather than essential medical items in most states. Besides, disposable menstrual products are also wasteful because, after all, pads and tampons are designed to be discarded.

However, with period underwear, you do not have to spend much. Most of these period underwear range only from 24 to 30 dollars. If you use them, there is a huge chance for you to save a lot. Unlike tampons or pads that are worth much more, period panties are much better. Aside from that, they are reusable, which means you do not discard them after one use. You need to wash them dry and use them again.

Does Not Harm The Environment

In an article by a fashion publication called Image, a single pad is made up of roughly 90% plastic, while a single tampon would take a much longer time to decompose than an average woman’s lifetime. Hence, disposable period products are proven to be harmful to the environment. But why should your period products be eco-friendly, you ask?

The worsening environment due to climate change makes the Earth susceptible to extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, bushfires, droughts, and flooding. Now, Businesses must also play a role in transforming into a force for good, and the time to act is now before everything is too late. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote and explore sustainable green energy options, you must help these brands take concrete steps. That is through using sustainable and eco-friendly period products.

It is also crucial to consider which brand you would choose to buy your panties from. Besides, there is no better brand than those who see the bigger picture while prioritising small-scale missions. With period panties, brands take the environmental impact of products seriously while focusing on women’s comfortability.


Menstrual underwear is the holy grail of women when it comes to period products. Not only do these underwear give back to the environment, but they are also incredibly cheap. So you could imagine how much you would save and prioritise your needs when you opt for this period product. Besides, this period underwear would not feel like you are wearing a diaper. Unlike the icky feeling you get from wearing napkins because they appear bulky on the backside. Overall, they feel like a supportive pair of shorts, and the comfortability you would get is top-notch.

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